Frequently asked questions

Presentation FAQs

How do I book a presentation?

ThinkUKnow adult

Presentations can be booked through our online booking form. You’ll receive an email within three working days acknowledging your request.

Our booking centre will search our volunteer database to find available presenters near you.  A member from law enforcement and industry will be assigned to your presentation.

ThinkUKnow youth

Please contact your school’s police liaison officer directly or complete the school online booking form.

We kindly request approximately one month’s notice for all bookings.

To get the most out of our program, we recommend that schools book both adult and youth presentations.

The adult and youth presentations have been designed to align to ensure adults receive complementary information to assist them in communicating with children and young people about the technology they use.

How much do presentations cost?

All of our ThinkUKnow presentations are delivered free of charge by trained, accredited volunteers from law enforcement and industry.

All you need to do is supply the venue and attendees!

Can anyone book a presentation?

ThinkUKnow adult presentations can be organised for any organisation, community group, sporting club or other group.

At this time, ThinkUKnow youth presentations are only available in schools.

However, anyone can access our free cyber safety resources.

When will my ThinkUKnow presentation be confirmed?

We will confirm your presentation three weeks prior to the date, however, depending on your location it can take some time to identify a presenter in your location (especially in peak periods).

How many people we invite to a ThinkUKnow presentation?

There is no limit on the number of participants you can invite to adult presentations. We do encourage you to consider:

  • Venue capacity
  • Ability to address individual questions within the allocated timeframe

Your school police liaison officer will be able to advise you on their preferences for delivering youth presentations.

What do host schools/community groups/organisations need to provide for presentations?

We request that you supply a venue with a computer and audio visual facilities to run a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

You’ll be asked to nominate a contact person to liaise with the ThinkUKnow booking centre to assist in in organising this.

When do ThinkUKnow presentations run?

Our sessions run all year.

We suggest adult presentations are organised outside of school hours to ensure the availability of participating parents, carers and teachers, as well as our volunteers.

Presentations during business hours might be suitable for some community groups or organisations.

Please contact our booking centre to discuss your request.

How long do presentations take?

Our sessions generally run for 60 minutes, however we recommend you allow for 90 minutes with questions.

What content is covered in the presentations?

We provide a balanced perspective of technology, providing information on both its benefits and its challenges.

More information on the program is available at Our Program page. 

Can I film a ThinkUKnow presentation?

Filming is not allowed without prior permission from ThinkUKnow.

Please contact us with any requests.

How do I organise a digital presentation?

The ThinkUKnow team can organise digital presentations via video-conferencing so schools or organisations located in regional or remote areas can access the program.

Queensland Schools will require access to a QLD DET Learning Place. Visit the DET website for further information on the requirements.

NSW DET Schools will require a DART connections compatible video conferencing system or ‘smart room’. Visit the DART website for further information on the requirements.

Other schools, organisations and community groups may be able to connect on a case by case basis, such as a Polycom system.

Please contact us to discuss any requests.

We are working towards having these facilities available in other states.

Where can I provide feedback on ThinkUKnow?

The ThinkUKnow team welcomes all feedback which can be submitted on the Contact Us page.